Who Are We?

Alps Manufacturing began operations in 1996 and today operates inside a 250,000 square foot facility located in Atlanta Georgia. Alps Manufacturing is a leading North American manufacturer of quality swimming pool steps and spas. We are a proud member of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP).

All our senior plant managers boast over 25 years experience in the pool step and spa vacuum forming process. “Tried and tested” Alps Manufacturing constructs pool steps using only high quality Damage Resistant (DR) acrylic that has an extremely high impact strength and long term resistance to UV rays, bacteria and extreme weather conditions. Our Acrylic fiberglass steps are designed to be 100% non -corrosive and capable of withstanding the stress of frost and back-fill saturation.

Alps Manufacturing designs and builds swimming pool steps, spas and spill-over spas that are sold globally. They are built to last in any environment from the heat of the Deep South to the cold Canadian winters. Our quality, style and expertise is evident from the first time you step into your pool. Which ever step model you desire for your backyard pool Alps Mfg has something for every pool shape and size to fit your lifestyle. With 11 exceptional step models to choose from, in three textured colors, you will easily bring new beauty to your backyard swimming pool.

What you will reward yourself with is peace and tranquility for you and your family with our beautifully designed and functional pool steps.

Why ALPs Manufacturing?

Over 30 years of expertise in the swimming pool step vacuum forming industry goes into the beauty, strength and quality  of our pool steps.

Alps Manufacturing has a large number of beautiful, as well as functional, step entry systems available for you to choose from. You have the choice of bullnose or cantilever designs as well as three color selections.

We offer options for deep end swim out steps as well as entry systems for pools with automatic covers. All Alps pool steps are recessed for the option to allow for jets either in the side wall or back wall seating area of the step. The functional designs also incorporate comfortable seating areas on many of our models; not only on the top tread but also on the second tread. This lower seating level allows seating for adults to remain comfortably submerged from the chest area down to sit back and relax while enjoying the refreshing pool water.

Our Ergonomically designed Sit n Step models allow for the ability to not only walk into the pool but also allows you to do it comfortably from the deep end of the pool! Your dealer can install (optional) 6 direct pressure upper and lower spa jets. All you have to do is sit down, enjoy the view of your family in your pool and relax!